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21 Hilariously Memorable Moments Captured On Weddings, They Are So Special

The wedding is considered one of the most important days of one’s life. For the bride and groom, especially, most wedding days go by so fast. They can bring you some of the sweetest and most memorable moments in your life, lasting for so long in your memory. And thanks to photographers, those beautiful moments are captured perfectly.

We have piled up some special moments on weddings that guarantee to put a smile on your face. We all want our wedding ceremony to be taken place smoothly as planned, but sometimes, little things can take an unpredicted turn. Some incidents are funny, unexpected, and even weird. However, they surprisingly make the wedding more unforgettable.

#1. “A Reporter Was Having Her Wedding When The Quake Hit Sichuan Today. She Went To Work Immediately”


#2. “Got Married 1 Year Ago Today. We Tried Not To Let Little Problems Ruin Our Day”


#3. “My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood”


#4. “Whispering That I Ripped My Pants At Our Wedding”


#5. “At A Friend’s Wedding: The Best Man Is Asked For The Rings, The Groom Holds His Hand Out And The Best Man Plays The “I Don’t Have Them” Card. Everyone Checks Pockets… And No One Has The Rings. Then… This Guy Rolls In.”


#6. “After Being Divorced For 25+ Years, My Parents Reconnected, Moved To Texas And Bought A Farm. Today They Are Getting Married Again. This Is Their Wedding Portrait”


#7. “My Friend Held A BBQ After His Wedding. These Two From Different Sides Of The New Family, Turned Up Like This”


#8. “Asked My Sister If My Nephew Was Enjoying The Wedding. This Is The Picture She Sent Back”


#9. “5 Years Ago I Promised My Sister I Would Bring A Llama To Her Wedding”


#10. “A Friend Got Married And His Best Man Snuck Into The First Look”


#11. “A Pig Ran Through Grandmas Wedding Photo – 1927”


#12. “Our Wedding’s Beer Burros Wanted To Be A Part Of The Picture”


#13. “My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This”


#14. “Sometimes The Hotel Holding Your Wedding Also Has A Fetish Ball Booked”


#15. “My Friend (The Bride) Swapped Clothes With Her Groom Half Way Through The Wedding”


#16. “I Got Married Last Week, My Wife Wanted Me To Only Take Serious Pictures With My Groomsman”


#17. “We Thought It Was Sad That Most Women Only Get To Wear Their Wedding Dress Once, So We Invited All The Women Coming To Our Non-Traditional Wedding To Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses Again”


#18. “The Grandparents From This Weekend’s Wedding. No Words”

Teale Photography

#19. “The Photographer Caught Me And My Dad Trying To Hide From Having To Take More Pictures For My Sister’s Wedding”


#20. “Wedding Cake”


#21. “I Was Recently The Flower Man In A Wedding”


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