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40 Times Cats And Dogs Break The Stereotype And Become Each Other’s Best Friends

The cats and dogs are two different species and have always been known for their hatred for each other. This is probably because they see the world differently in their own ways. “The cat tries to get away, the dog thinks the cat is inviting it to a game, and so chase ensues with neither party understanding what the motivation of the other one is,” says anthrozoologist John Bradshaw. However, when the these two do get along well, their bond becomes unbreakable.

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#1 Wait a minute! That’s not a puppy!

#2 There for each other during the hard times.

#3 “My favorite pillow!”

#4 Best friends forever!

#5 My cat finds my dog very tasty!

#6 Bros for life!

#7 “My new ride!”

#8 This is how my dog and cat sleep every day.

#9 “Don’t be sad. I’m here for you.”

#10 “Watcha lookin’ at?”

#11 “My new bed.”

#12 Inseparable.

#13 “I’ll keep you warm.”

#14 My cat never sleeps without my dog.

#15 Such love.

#16 My cat and dog sleep on an imaginary double-decker bed.

#17 My dog takes care of the little kitty that I just brought home!

#18 My dog got attached to this new cat as soon as I brought it home.

#19 “Don’t mess with us!”

#20 This cat and dog from Norway.