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These Rescue Kitten Siblings Just Can’t Sleep Without Cuddling Each Other

Jaina and Ivy from Cats of San Bernardino – a rescuc in California recently saved two stray kittens named Medi and Cal. The rescuers knew about the two kittens after they had been tagged in a post on Facebook.

When they met the siblings for the first time, the two were hungry, sick, and malnourished. The grey cat named Medi poked her little head out, so they were able to hand trap her.

Unfortunately, the orange one Cal was so spooked that he ran away. For this reason, they had to back tomorrow to get her brother and hopefully be able to catch him.

The next day, they came back and successfully trapped him! The siblings have been reunited. Still a little timid, but they are doing well. As soon as they started to calm down, they were cared for by a cat foster.

Watch their video here:

We are happy to know that they are doing really well there. They warmed up with the foster as well! They love each other so much. They do everything together and love to fall asleep in each other’s arms.

If you love Medi & Cal and other rescues, you can follow Cats of San Bernardino on Facebook and Instagram.


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