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10+ Photos Of Pets Posing In The Most Hilarious Ways

16. Deep…

17. Willard Lap-Sittin’

18. Super Cat Casting His Web While Sleeping

19. Teddy, Looks Like He Lost His Head Completely

20. All Because She Wants Tummy Rubs!

21. Parrot Cat Strikes Again

22. I Really Need To Get Up. They Have Other Ideas.

23. I Still Can’t Work Out Which Leg Is Which

24. My Cat Fell Asleep Close To The Edge Of The Couch And His Head Fell Off The Side.

25. My Spirit Animal

26. This Is My Friend’s Cat. I Gave Her The Outfit. She Took The Pic. Need I Say More…

27. My Frog Dog….????????

28. Yes, He Was Raised By Cats

29. Frog Legs 🙂

30. Petra Defies Gravity – In Front Of The Fireplace Like This For Hours!!!

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