Kitten Has The Sweetest Reaction To A Baby Deer She Meets On The Front Porch

It’s always lovely to see two different species interacting, and especially lovely when one of them is a cat! So, take a look at this cute video of a young kitty and a baby deer meeting each other for the first time. We couldn't get enough of the video because the cat's reaction is priceless.

Screenshot, Rumble Viral

When the young cat named Miro saw a fawn hanging out on her porch, she was amazed and couldn't contain her excitement. However, the baby deer stared blankly as if Miro wasn't even there. So, the cat decided to do something to get the deer's attention. It was super sweet and super cute.

Watch the adorable video below!
Miro was just crazy about the deer, so she gave the deer a few loving licks. We believe that she will do whatever it takes to demand some attention. However, the deer was a baby, less than 48 hours old, so he is not able to walk and reply to Miro due to his youth and natural defense mechanisms.

Screenshot, Rumble Viral

Many people believe that lonely fawns have been abandoned, but thankfully, shortly after this video was taken, the deer's mom returned, and he was happily reunited with his mother.

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H/T: Rumble
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