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Bezos And His Misleading Space Ship Turned Into A Massive Joke, Here Are Some Of The Best

Recently, the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, successfully launched himself and his Blue Origin crew into space and then landed safely after 15 minutes. He finally conquered a new personal frontier and became the second billionaire to head into space. Bezos was just 9 days later than his fellow billionaire Richard Branson.

This was a big event, and many people were watching it. But actually, the thing that drew the attention is not about Bezos or his achievement, but from the interesting shape of the spaceship itself. It has inspired a whole lot of black jokes on the internet. And here we have selected some of the funniest ones to present to you in the list below. So, let’s have a look.

#1 So unfair

Image Credit: KenKrantzComic

#2 Bullseye

Image Credit: MajorPhilebrity

#3 Tragicomic

Image Credit: glocksout

#4 Comedy has turned into reality

Image Credit: geonosian_memes

#5 Does it?

Image Credit: Centrefuter

#6 Not me. I prefer reading the memes.

Image Credit: McJesse

#7 Relatable

Image Credit: SirKinahjb

#8 Now that everyone knows about it

Image Credit: thejessgoodwin

#9 Superficial

Image Credit: litcapital

#10 Plot twist – it’s a transformer

Image Credit: oo56ja

#11 Well played

Image Credit: BetteMidler

#12 Agree?

Image Credit: itsJeffTiedrich

#13 Maybe that’s why he came back so fast

Image Credit: FreeNorthNow

#14 Clever thinking!

Image Credit: DaveMilbo

#15 Shammeee

Image Credit: rjdralle

#16 Or open a hospital or university.

Image Credit: COVIDNURSE-5065

#17 The more you have, the less you pay for.

Image Credit: feministabulous

#18 Too bad he came back.

Image Credit: MuscleSkoals

# Luckily it isn’t flesh-colored.

Image Credit: MoiraDonegan

#20 Takes one to know one.

Image Credit: KyleTucker_ATH

#21 Don’t ever tell this guy about catheters!

Image Credit:  TheDailyShow

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