25 Funny Pics Of Dogs Being Roasted Mercilessly By Their Parents

Dog parents show affection in various ways, such as by buying fabulous clothes and thousands of treats and snacks for their four-pawed babies, taking them out on fancy trips or to the spa, or simply calling them the sweetest names. Not only caressing their little treasures, but many dog parents also love to flex about them on social networks.

Of course, our woofing friends will never be able to go online and read beautiful words written for them. Hence, a Twitter user, Drew Magary, comes up with another idea: why don’t we gossip about our pups behind their back since the internet is a perfect place to do so? Now, it’s no need to hide the desire to rock and roast these pawsome troublemakers.

Check out our compilation below to get tickled by how verbally mean people can be to their dogs!

#1. “He can’t even walk a mile in the heat. Why beg me for a walk then?”

Source: @yasdnilmac

#2. “You are not, never will be, and never have been, Kate Moss. Move on. It’s never going to happen. You are a physical Dog.”

Source: @OxfordDiplomat

#3. “Look at this fatty mf. Eatin my sister’s chicken”

Source: @RojoKatie

#4. “She’s afraid of her own farts”

Source: @emmalalalouise

#5. “This idiot sits in the shower all day with her stupid laser eyes”

Source: @enewhouse77

#6. “This FREAK ate most of his baby teeth”

Source: @HeyVeronica

#7. “That’s *her* bed, you big ignoramus.”

Source: @Jamloops

#8. “Look at him trying to order with no money. What does he think this is? Some sort of date.”

Source: @dacoby6996

#9. “Hey buddy sorry to disturb you but your second free meal of the day is ready”

Source: @MC985

#10. “Look at that underbite and teeth. My god invest in a set of braces dog.”

Source: @NorskVike

#11. “When my car was stolen OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY: silence. When there’s a chance there is a lizard out front: BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK”

Source: @kimhbuckley

#12. “This Dobby-looking idiot has ice cream stuck in her goatee. Can’t even eat ice cream right!”

Source: @BR_Boswell

#13. “I’ve found him looking at some sketchy websites. 😳”

Source: @lindarchilders

#14. “What kind of dog doesn’t even nap correctly?”

Source: @BreeezyO

#15. “Steals pillows and blankets. Watches Netflix too much.”

Source: @SleepySilverman

#16. “Drunk on flip-flops.”

Source: @bgreytok1

#17. “He doesn’t realize he has grown”

Source: @Voytk

#18. “1700sq. ft of house, but, sure the clean, folded laundry basket is fine.”

Source: @pwroflov

#19. “I bark and chase trucks, buses, motorcycles, and people running but when the broom comes out, time to go!”

Source: @ReneeEdmunds

#20. “This guy got into my art supplies, I only found out after noticing the “shiny lawn ornaments”, he was pooping glitter for days.”

Source: @PeskyPukeko

#21. “Seriously? You have nothing to do all day but sleep. I bought you this bed, and you can’t even make it in?”

Source: @melanie_eilers

#22. “Guy on the couch Naw Dog on the couch…acting like he works a double last night”

Source: @ERB804

#23. “Every bit of her DNA went into good looks- she’s dumber than a box of rocks.”

Source: @LeadFootLeah

#24. “Peed on his own foot today”

Source: @adamgaston17

#25. “Not just lazy, but “endangering others” lazy. This is how you get kicked out of the house, pup!”

Source: @briskide

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