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21 Times People Ordered Food And Were Surprised By What They Received

Have you ever ordered food and gotten something that was beyond your expectation? For instance, you order a burger with cheese on the side, and then they give you a slice of cheese literally on the side. Or you want a bit more gravy on your fries and end up getting your fries drown in it. That’s when the restaurant follows the requests way too direct, and sometimes they go a little too far.

So, scroll down the list below to see some pics of times when people asked for some extra for their food order and were surprised by the delicious compliance they received since the food stores, intentionally or accidentally, take your order word by word. They try their best to satisfy their customers, and the results are hilarious.

#1. “I Asked For 3 Of Each Hot Sauce And I Got 59 In Total!”


#2. “Ask For Extra Croutons? You Get Extra Croutons”


#3. “I Asked For Extra Veggies On My Whitefish Salad Bagel Sandwich…”


#4. “BF Asked For Extra Mushrooms At Breakfast”


#5. “Asked For Extra Egg With My Fried Rice…”


#6. “My 10-Yr-Old Only Wanted Pumpkin Pie Today. I’m Working So I Just Ordered Two Pies From McDonald’s, Three Minutes Before They Closed. There Are 14 Pies In Here. I Have So Much To Be Thankful For”


#7. “Asked For A Corgi Cake For My Birthday. Husband Did Not Disappoint At All!”


#8. “Asked For Extra Everything From Chipotle… Was Given A Burrito As Big As My Forearm”


#9. “I Asked For Extra Cheese On My Cali 4×4 Burger”


#10. “Asked For Extra Gravy… My Fries Are Drowning”


#11. “I Asked Chef For A “Bacon Cheeseburger” And This Is What He Gave Me. Was Told I Should Post Here”


#12. “I Said My Pad Thai Wasn’t Spicy Last Time So Please Make It Extra Spicy And This Was My Receipt”


#13. The Restaurant Asked If We Wanted A “Side Of Ketchup”


#14. “Vodka Soda With A Bunch Of Limes” Thank You Bartender


#15. “Asked For No Tomatoes On My Salad, Waiter Asked If Bacon Was Ok. I Jokingly Said All The Bacon… He Delivered”


#16. “Asked If They’d Be Willing To Slip One Extra Into My 10-Box”


#17. “Told The Meals On Wheels Lady That I Love Their Gravy. Day Made”


#18. “I Asked For A Little Extra Feta On My Salad”


#19. “They Ordered Cheese On The Side”


#20. “I’d Like The Ravioli, Please, With A Truly Unreasonable Amount Of Parmesan Cheese”


#21. “Asked For A Cherry Coke At A Restaurant”


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