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15 People Who Have Impeccable Sense Of Humor

To have some witty friends around is truly a blessing. People who have mastered the skill of sarcasm can make fun of the most ordinary or even saddest situations. Believe me, you cannot feel sad even if you want to. Those people will always find out something funny and make everyone burst out laughing.

Have a look at the photos in the list below and you’ll see. We bet that you cannot hold your laughter for long, even if you’re really serious. We have collected some prickly jokes from all over the internet to prove that some of us truly are the source of joy. Scroll down now and enjoy your time. We hope this can make your day a bit brighter.

#1 My surgeon has an excellent sense of humor.

Image Credit: unknown

#2 As per the recipe, I should bathe her in her children…

Image Credit:  iAMpetergriffin/Imgur

#3 Before utilizing a Christmas tree, pack it properly.

Image Credit: kumarajeet21/Imgur

#4 If there is anything that he lost, it’s not his sense of humor for sure.

Image Credit: unknown

#5 I ordered a cake for my birthday.

Image Credit: Pixabay

#6 This is my bunny. Unfortunately, it is very sick.

Image Credit: mad maenad‏/Twitter

#7 My dad was shocked when he saw this elf for the first time, but now he insists on putting this elf up every Christmas.

Image Credit:  toxicjunkie/Imgur

#8 No, thank you.

Image Credit: unknown

#9 I always look at the photo of my cat falling from the table to ensure that there is someone who looks worse in photos than I do

Image Credit: drakepyra/Reddit

#10 Just a commemorative plaque on a bench in the park!

Image Credit: Ruthanne Reid/Twitter

#11 My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up, and he hates them because he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever, so today I bought him one, and this is how I wrapped it.

Image Credit: jabberingginger/Reddit

#12 My friends asked me to look after their dog. They forgot that I am Korean.

Image Credit: unknown

#13 Done!

Image Credit: Ian O’flaherty

#14 His sense of humor will live forever.

Image Credit: -Exclusive-/Reddit

#15 I presented a T-shirt to my younger brother.

Image Credit: Seshok/Yaplakal

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