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Hilarious Pics Of Drunk People That Remind You To Be Moderate In Drinking

Alcohol is not for everyone. We all know that, but sometimes the parties will be less funny if all partiers only pick water or soft drinks. And you need to know your limit when you decide to go for wine instead. Otherwise, you will end up being in half laughing, half crying situations. Getting up to see a stupid tattoo on your body that you committed yourself to get, driving your car to the pool, or charging a chocolate bar instead of your phone – anything on earth can happen while you are three sheets to the wind. Honestly, the consequences are usually hilarious.

Here we’ve rounded up some funny examples of crazy stuff people did during the hangover. They had a little bit too much alcohol so they did weird things that may make them feel regret the next morning. These will remind you to be moderate in drinking and also bring you a lot of laughs. Check them out!

#1. “Came Back Home Really Drunk Last Night, This Morning I Went To Make Breakfast And Then This Happened”


#2. “I Wake Up At 2am To Find My Roommate Passed Out In A Box Of Packing Peanuts”


#3. “This Drunk Woman Dropped Her Phone. She Picked Up Her Sandal Instead And Used Her Phone As The Sandal”


#4. Hey Bro, It’s Time To Go Home


#5.  “INSTRUCTIONS: Get Drunk. Preheat Oven To 450. Place Pizza On Middle Oven Rack. Go To Sleep.”


#6. “My Friend Was Drunk And On Xanax When He Decided To Tattoo A Black Face Charmander With No Experience Or Artistic Ability. The Flame Saves It.”


#7. “This Is A Piece Of The Bar Of Specialty Soap My Wife Bought That Apparently Drunk Me Thought Was Fudge.”


#8. “Was Pretty Stoned Last Night, I Wonder Why I Didn’t Get Up On Time”


#9. “My Friend And I Were Drunk Photoshopping Last Night. Forgot We Made This”


#10. “Had A House Party Last Night, Still Can’t Find The Key To My Mums Shoe”


#11. “Got Wasted, Woke Up Like This”


#12. “I Broke Our Shower Curtain Rod Last Night While Drunk And Immediately Went To The Backyard And Handcrafted A New One”


#13. “My Mum Got Drunk For The First Time In 10 Years Today”


#14. “So My Brother Got Blackout Drunk The Other Night. He Found This In His Toaster The Next Morning.”


#15. “Last Night I Was So Drunk I Replied To My Own Text”


#16. “Have You Ever Been So Drunk You Mistook A Chocolate Bar For Your Phone?”


#17. “I Told My Mum I Was At Home In Bed And I Sent Her This”


#18. “My Mother Is Drunk. I Walked Into The Kitchen To Find Her Having Aligned The Potatoes In Size Order.”


#19. “Whoever You Are, You Were More Drunk Than That Other Guy…”


#20. “My Mom And Her Best Friend Got Drunk And Gave My Cat A Bath”


#21. “So I Might’ve Got A Little Drunk And Made My Cat A Fort”


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