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26 Examples Of Employees With Great Sense Of Humor At Workplaces

Have you ever feel low battery when come to work on Monday morning? That’s fine. Everybody has that same feeling at least once in a while. And it prevents people from working efficiently. Of course, people will do their jobs much better if they feel comfortable at the workplace. And what could that be? Free coffee every morning? Allow to snack in workhour? Easy going boss? Seems right, but all of us know that nothing can be better than having humorous, witty colleagues.

To be fair, working with people who make us feel relaxed can effectively boost our productivity. Their positive energy will transfer to other people and help them pick themselves up on gloomy days. And here, let’s check out to see how these people fight boredom at work in the pictures below.

#1 How to avoid complaints:

Image Credit: drbatookhan/imgur

#2 How else can I survive the accounting period?

Image Credit: wittycrate/imgur

#3 Unexpected issues for tall people

Image Credit: tgabben/reddit

#4 Polar bear area

Image Credit: yeerk_slayer/reddit

#5 Hold on, Ramon! Your colleagues will help you.

Image Credit: emzieees/reddit

#6 Walked into my boss’s office and saw this sign.

Image Credit:  juanito2121/reddit

#7 After a 50+ email chain with all the men at my company, we decided it was only fair to have a shark tank in the bathroom if the women got an orchid. Our office manager listened, and this is what showed up on Monday morning.

Image Credit: milkandrelish/reddit

#8 It’s office safari time.

Image Credit: kurtov/imgur

#9 I placed this sign on our office coffee machine…best 3 hours of my life.

Image Credit: nipse79/reddit

#10 A big detective drama happened on our office fridge.

Image Credit: jimthehacksawduggan/reddit

#11 We asked our boss to buy a clock for our office.

Image Credit: KifKroker/pikabu

#12 I left a toy car as a decoration for my office’s meeting room. I guess someone didn’t want it there.

Image Credit: Win_in_Roam/reddit

#13 Don’t play jokes with IT guys!

Image Credit: Nyrfan82/reddit

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