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Gentle Horse Bonds With Sweet Cat, And Their Friendship Is Incredible

Just like us, animals are able to coexist peacefully, even become best friends. To prove it, Jennifer Boyle recently shared a story of the friendship between her two pets, a horse named Champy and a cat named Morris. Despite species and size differences, the two animals love each other and share a great friendship. Champy and Morris have been best friends for over seven years now. They are quite possibly the world’s most unlikely best friends.

According to Jennifer, she found Morris at a rescue shelter and decided to adopt him. When she took him home, Champy instantly fell in love with him and insisted on being his best buddy. Morris was also happy to meet Champy, and quickly accepted this special friend.

Morris loves playing with Champy, and often jumps up on his back to discover everything around. Of course, Champy happily takes his cat friend for rides around the paddock. And it’s become their morning ritual.

Morris often jumps on his “bus stop.”

They have some different bus stops, where Morris waits for his friendly bus Champy

If Champy sees Morris waiting at a bus stop, he comes on over for him to jump on board.

They often greet each other before Morris jumps on Champy’s back.

This is their favorite place to relax and spend some lazy time.

They love cuddling and snuggling with each other.

Watch their cute videos below:

What a cute friendship! We hope that their friendship stays forever. If you love Champy the horse and Morris the cat, you can follow them on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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