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20 Before-After Adoption Pictures Was Shared By Pet Owners, They Are All Sweet And Heartwarming!

If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, we advise you to go to a local shelter and adopt one. If you do that, the number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically. Besides, there is no better than adopting pets who need your help and your love. Not only do they bring joy to your life, but they also provide you with great friendship and unconditional love.

Many users on Reddit are sharing their pet adoption photos on the internet, and they are going viral. We are happy to look at photos of animals being adopted and getting to live the life they deserve, so we have collected 20 of the best ones and listed them below. If you want to make your day warmer, just take a look at these pics!

1. “10 minutes after adopting this lil’ street boii, this was his reaction. When they know they know.”

2. “Can betta get love as well? This is my Cinabun, 9 months apart.”

3. ““We adopted a scared, paralyzed dog no one else would take and he turned into the cutest, craziest boy.”

4. What true love looks like:

5. “It’s the “annibirdsary” of rescuing my budgies. Please enjoy this little guy’s glow up! ????”

6. “So…we adopted a greyhound!”

7. “We adopted this blind kitty (Cuga) and she seems to have found her favorite spot. She does this nearly every day.”

8. “I don’t want another cat, they never like me…” meet big Tony and lil’ Tony.”

9. “Just adopted a brother and sister, and boom, I’m in heaven.”

10. “Adoption Day vs Today”

11. “Wasn’t sure how my rescue kitten would handle her first night. Woke up like this.”

12. “When I found her, I spent almost 3 days in a row without sleeping. She was very ill. Now she is OK.”

13. “This year has been rough, so I adopted this cat and things have been better.”

14. Mirin on adoption day!

15. “My foster Beso who was adopted two weeks ago.”

16. “I adopted a cat, this was 1 hour after we got home.”

17. Little guy walked up to me 2 months ago while I was in my front yard and changed everything for the better.

18. “Adopted my first cat ever today and he’s already become my snuggle buddy.”

19. “1 hour after I adopted him”


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