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30 Pet Owners Whose Patience We Can’t Help But Admire

There are many health benefits of owning a pet. They protect us from heart disease, keep our minds sharp, and relieve pain. Moreover, they can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship and unconditional love. They know how to win our hearts and make our days better with their adorable and silly face. Many scientific studies have also proven that pet owners are happier and healthier than people who don’t own pets. However, life with a pet is not always peaceful and easy. Our pets are more like naughty babies who don’t listen and love getting into trouble. They love to destroy everything, from toilet paper or a sneaker, to your furniture or even your house itself.

As pet owners, we love our pets and are willing to do everything to make sure they are happy and healthy. Therefore, no matter how bad and mischievous they are, we still forgive them every time. After all, being a pet owner requires a lot of patience.

1. Taco cat

2. No cake is safe

3. Heeeeeere’s Doggy!

Who needs just one doggy door? Not this guy.

4. Cats don’t have the concept of personal space

5. Always in our thoughts

6. Caught red-pawed

7. This little thief is risking his paw to steal some food from the fridge!

8. This little monster looks determined.

9. A crafty pup

10. Lights, for me?

11. They’re not always good with selfies

12. “If I just don’t look at it, they won’t know it was me.”

13. Most pets prefer to get cozy in a lap, but not this little one!

14. Toilet paper is too precious for this

15. He’s sick of his human working from home

16. Hope you’re not late for work

17. Why do we bother?

This bed probably cost $1,000. But no, he prefers the floor.

18. It’s the pot’s fault!

This furball isn’t even showing an ounce of remorse!

19. No board games here

Cats will sit absolutely anywhere and don’t mind if they’re blocking your view or disrupting your playtime.

20. Not eating, just smooshing

Cats love cardboard boxes and they love warm spaces. So in theory, the pizza box is the perfect spot.

21. Oh yikes, sticky situation

22. The innocence in this big guy’s eyes is precious, but his feline friend… well, not so much.

23. I’m worried this cat thinks it’s a chicken

24. A great spot for a bath

25. You can’t leave this guy alone for 2 seconds!

26. That kid just wants to give his pup all the love and affection, but this furry doesn’t like it.

27. He doesn’t like his new diet

28. This dog is not a fan of the couch

29. Just… why?

30. You weren’t reading that, were you?

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