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20+ Cats Caught In The Act Who Try To Fool Owners With Their Innocent Faces

Do your cats often cause trouble at home? Yes? A lot? Yeah, we feel you. Cats are sneaky, curious and somehow way less obedient than dogs, but most of the time we just don’t have the heart to blame them no matter how huge their messes are, just because these “innocent” eyes can look right into our soul. Raising a cat is a hard task that requires plenty of love, patience and compassion, but it’s definitely worth the headache.

In case you need some more proof to know that you’re not alone, here are 22 funny pics of cats being caught in the act and still look like nothing ever happened people have shared on Twitter lately that you can totally relate to:

#1. “What Millionaire M&S dessert??? No idea what ur talking about???”

Image credits: the Aston Levene’s

#2. The moment I caught Lily using the dining table as her personal back scratcher. She knows she’s been bad.

Image credits: Hon Nikki Kaye

#3. “Oh look. It fell. Nothing to do with me. “

Image credits: Pat O’Loughlin

#4. “Who? Me?”

Image credits: Kezia

#5. Who else has a guilty cat who doesn’t actually feel thaaat guilty?

Image credits: Postize

#6. If you looked up guilty in the dictionary, it would look like this.

Image credits: Alex Kohnstamm

#7. This is pandoras guilty face.

Image credits: Kelsey Bogan, MSLIS

#8. “Ummm… it was about to fall off the table… so… I caught it…. with my mouth.”

Image credits: Ready Six

#9. “I like to stick my paw in the water dish and spray water all over the floor.”

Image credits: Animal Pictures

#10. “I wasn’t sticking my face in the toilet! What makes you think that?!?”

Image credits: Chester Cheetoh

#11. His look after he vomited on the sofa.

Image credits: 3Catkateers

#12. No Charlie – it’s not YOUR birthday and that’s not YOUR food.

Image credits: The Pet Collective

#13. Someone tried to help crocheting the baby blanket while I wasn’t looking…

Image credits: Jenny B

#14. Someone ripped off all the cookies!

Image credits: FTNutritionAustralia

#15. “Funny how when the family play Hide and Seek it’s a fund game but when I do it it’s antisocial. And just because ‘they’ decided to go out in the rain at night to look for me is no cause for a police mugshot!”

Image credits: Ron, the Magnifi-Cat

#16. “Why yes I is layings on your rug. And no I donts plans on moving. You may works around me.”

Image credits: Nova&OrionShow

#17. Got downstairs to discover Pusskins covered in dust – she found the catnip shaker overnight and now the dining room resembles a scene from Scarface…

Image credits: The Bleeding Obvious

 #18. “I *honestly* don’t know how ALL the toilet roll unravelled itself…”

Image credits: Poppy & Coco

#19. “As my person catches me lying on the clothes she laid out to wear…”

Image credits: MissRover

#20. “”What do you means I look guilty? I wasnts tryings to hacks into daddys phone. I promise!”

Image credits: Nova&OrionShow

#21. “iPad? What iPad? I haven’t seen an iPad.”

Image credits: Bones (& Clementine)

#22. Left my credit card next to my laptop & came back to amazon orders of cat treats, cat food, toys, catnip & who knows what else…..browser history also shows ways to get rid of my sister & something called cat next door… hmmmm.

Image credits: Pet Human

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