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7 Easy Ideas You Can Try To Make Your Indoor Cat The Happiest Kitty On Earth

#1 Vertical space

Cats love to have their own territory, so adding vertical space will expand their domain, making your cat a happier and bossier being. You can use cat trees, cat shelves, or just making room atop tall furniture such as bookshelves or closets. The higher (or the more things to climb), the better. This gives cats a sense of security, especially if there are other animals or children in the house.

#2 Great view

Just like some of us, a kitty needs a window to relax on and observe the outside. Just think of it as your cat’s TV.

#3 Play with them

As a cat owner, you must’ve seen your cat being super hyped and dashing around the house, right? They need to play in order to engage their primal instincts, let out their frustrations, and get exercise. Therefore, spend time playing with your kitty, as this will strengthen your bond and make your kitty healthier and happier.

#4 Keep it clean

No one likes messy or dirty places, so be sure to keep their litter box clean daily! A dirty litterbox can “encourage” them to “set up traps” around the house.

#5 Take them outside sometimes

We believe that your cat should be inside (and monitored) in order to be safe, as they are very curious and the outside world is full of potential dangers. However, if you are able to take your kitty to explore the outside world safely, then you should go for it.

And if you think the outside is absolutely a nope, then you can simulate nature for your cat. Plants trees and prepare cat grass are things you can easily do.

#6 Play games

Leave some toys for your cat to play with, this will make them less likely to steal your stuffs. Also, cats love it when they have to work for their food, so consider getting a food puzzle. You can even use food as a reward to teach your cat some tricks.

#7 Lots of unconditional love

Last but not least, never forget to show affection to your cat. It is one of the best ways to make them happy, after all. Let’s spend some time appreciating the furry guy who is always there for you. Okay, maybe that’s because he lives with you, but he does love you!

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