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People Are Sharing Funny Pics Of Their Dogs Being Adorably Weird

Dogs are all amusing creatures, they could be brave, strong, fearless and playful, naughty, goofy at the same time. However, no matter how strangely they act, there’s no denying that these lively furry guys are totally endearing and we can’t help but love them all the time.

r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog is a subbreddit where people share humorous moments of their dogs when they malfunction and to be honest, they all look adorable despite these super weird faces. With over 1.3 million members, it’s a great place to boost your mood and have a good laugh whenever you feel down. If you happen to be a dog person or you are just looking for some funny pics to cheer you up a bit, don’t be hesitate to give it a try right now!

#1. He can’t sleep without his pillow

Image credit: Traveller40k

#2. Big Mac isn’t the smartest, or the most handsome, but we still love him

Image credit: GiantessAutumn

#3. My husky, inside dog, who likes to sunbathe in Texas heat.

Image credit: jrey572

#4. Absolute goober

Image credit: whateverthefuckidc

#5. When you’re tired on a road trip coolers apparently become pillows

Image credit: scole9

#6. She’s a lean, mean, grass-eating machine

Image credit: pupdates

#7. I think I have a… Pigbull. This dude loves to root around in the dirt with his piggy nose!

Image credit: alienlost77

#8. I think she broke

Image credit: deeceeehm

#9. I think Kringle is part vampire bat.

Image credit: Downvoterofall

#10. Just walked in and found Momo very relaxed

Image credit: formenonly

#11. Asleep. Standing up. Whatever floats your boat.

Image credit: superplannergirl

#12. A random photographer took pictures of my dog and this is how she ended up into the local Facebook page.

Image credit: TheLegendOfMaaike

#13. My dog looking like a derp

Image credit: Lord_spaceslick

#14. He has his bed, our bed, and the couch at his disposal, and this is how he naps.

Image credit: Suggestion_Of_Taint

#15. God knows what he was trying to do!!

Image credit: Junioraccount97

#16. We went to introduce our aussie to our friend’s border collie puppy, but something went wrong

Image credit: SuperDeann

#17. Baby shark Doo Doo Doo Doo

Image credit: JBorsiak

#18. This is Jeff. Jeff likes to eat spider webs and rocks.

Image credit: AnalogDan

#19. His brain breaks when he’s scratched

Image credit: katie2220

#20. Cheeeeeeese

Image credit: smarma_

#21. This is a normal sleeping position right?

Image credit: fuzzy_spanner

#22. A few too many beers, or a 2 hour run in the forest

Image credit: harry-lincoln

#23. Crate training going well…

Image credit: entrapta_embodied

#24. Giving his best trucker Impression

Image credit: Timmy_90

#25. Her neck is fine

Image credit: JasperTullett

#26. Cone of shame has failed me…

Image credit: Texgenius577

#27. Caught our dog mid-shake after he went swimming for the first time…he doesn’t particularly enjoy being wet.

Image credit: sloppybuttmustard

#28. From this angle, my in-laws dog looks like he’s just a floating head.

Image credit: whitt_wan

#29. Chunk taking an odd nap (his tail is not cropped, he’s just laying on it)

Image credit: nicoleturcotte87

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