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Artist Depicts Cat’s Reaction To Barking Dogs In Comic, And The Result Is Seriously Hilarious

If you are a pet lover and a big fan of comics, this post is just for you.

Meet Ben Hed, a Minnesota illustrator who is famous for comic creations about animals, especially the creation Pixie and Brutus. The comic is about the most unlikely animal friendship between a tiny cat and a huge German shepherd dog getting to know each other, and it’s so sweet to read.

“I’ve been drawing goofy little comics for as long as I can remember. My comic ideas seem to gravitate towards animals. I live in a house with three dogs, two cats, 15 chickens, and five goats… so that might have something to do with it,” Ben told Bored Panda.

He now owns an Instagram page called Pet Foolery with over 1 million followers, where he often shares his ‘goofy little comics’. One day, he shared a funny comic depicting cat’s reaction to barking dogs. Needless to say, it took over the Internet and made everyone laugh out loud.

It begins.

When dogs hear something, their ears will be perky and their eyes will be wide. And then, they will bark. If a cat is nearby these canine friends when this happens, we are sure that everything will be funny.

Credit: Ben Hed

It escalates.

The cat is panicking.

Credit: Ben Hed

It explodes.

Just look at this cat.

Credit: Ben Hed

And then…

She screams at the dogs.

Credit: Ben Hed

But do the dogs listen?

No. No, they do not.

Credit: Ben Hed

The barking berserk.

That’s one annoyed cat, isn’t it?

Credit: Ben Hed

The artist said that nothing is better than seeing other people enjoy his comics as much as he does. If you love his work, you can follow him on Instagram to see more his great comics.

More info: benhedart.carbonmade.com | Instagram

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