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Cat Caught Passionately Watching “Tom and Jerry” On A Comfy Cot Chair

It’s childhood time! Even though these days we are caught up with tons of adult stuff and barely have time for ourselves to enjoy a good laugh like we used to do when we were just kids, there are still many people around us who can help bring back the awesome childhood memories that sometimes we forget because of the hard-pressed lifestyle, for example our children or… oh yeah, our cats.

Mr. Bobby is a British shorthaired kitty who has become quite famous lately after his owner posted a video of the gray cat himself watching “Tom and Jerry” like a boss on a comfy cot chair in his living room on YouTube, in which he looks pretty attentive and, of course, adorable! In fact, Mr. Bobby just loves the cartoons so much that he does not even care about the owner who is busy filming around.

Screenshot, Mr Bobby Cat

Based on the Christmas tree behind, it’s easy to tell the footage has been captured at (or near) Christmas, which is a purrfect occasion to gather together and enjoy some classic Xmas movies like “Home Alone” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. And yes, a special Christmas episode of “Tom and Jerry” definitely sounds fantastic as well.

Screenshot, Mr Bobby Cat

Let’s take a peek at the amusing scene:

So if you happen to have a cat or a few cats at home, you know what to share with them now!

Everybody loves his reaction too:


Or maybe he’s thinking of something else.

His chair is quite cute too!

To keep up with Mr. Bobo, follow him on YouTube and Instagram. And last but not least, don’t forget to share this delightful clip with your loved ones!


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