20 People Who Quit Their Jobs In Humorous Ways

There are tons of things that make us feel stressed at work every single day. The pressure from customers, hard to please boss, annoying coworkers, unsuitable jobs, long working hours - all can make us mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes, we have no better choice. We need to make ends meet, so leaving the job seems hardly be an option.
But still, some people quit their job a few moments after making the decision. They cannot stand it even one more minute. So they just leave the notice, step out of the office door without turning back, and call it a relief.
People are sharing their stories of getting out of their jobs. And the ways they did are absolutely humorous. It’s time to get rid of this distressing job, but let's leave it in the as cool as possible way. Have you ever quit your job? Even the answer is yes or no, scroll down to see how these people hilariously submitted their resignations.

#1. This Is How I Turned In My 2 Week Notice Today At My Job I Hate

Humorous Ways to quit your jobI_Drink_Pee

#2. Look What My Coworker And I Left On The Break Room Table Today

Humorous Ways to quit your jobdudeperson33

#3. Best Way To Quit A Job

Humorous Ways to quit your jobAn_Arrogant_Ass

#4. This Is My Friend's Resignation "Letter"

Humorous Ways to quit your jobimgur.com

#5. For This Towel Day: Here Is How I Quit My Last Job. Sorry For The Low Picture Quality

Humorous Ways to quit your jobJTSnidely

#6. My Ex-Manager Wouldn't Give Me My Last Paycheck Without A Resignation Letter

Humorous Ways to quit your jobSwinging_Phallus

#7. My Buddy Quit His Job At The Gas Station

Humorous Ways to quit your jobpeaceman582

#8. My Husband's Letter Of Resignation


#9. This Is How You Quit


#10. Entire Crew Quit Today At Local Restaurant


#11. One Of My Co-Workers Quit Today. We Found This On His Desktop


#12. So, My Brother-In-Law Has Resigned From His 9-To-5 Job In Spectacular Fashion. Jerry Maguire Meets Masterchef


#13. My Coworker Went All Wet Seal On Our Boss Today


#14. Saw This At Bed Bath And Beyond

Humorous Ways to quit your jobmastranios

#15. I Quit My Job Today...

Humorous Ways to quit your jobLeviathin

#16. This Is How You Quit Your Shitty Third Shift Gas Station Job

Humorous Ways to quit your jobjeseely

#17. I Just Quit My Job The Best Way I Know How

Humorous Ways to quit your jobspringmint5

#18. My Two Week Notice


#19. When A Big Box Retail Worker Just Can't Take It Anymore

Humorous Ways to quit your jobSpikeBoyBebop

#20. This Guy Called His Boss, Quit His Job, Set This Auto Responder And Then Left The Building

Humorous Ways to quit your jobkeon

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