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Why Do Cats Like To Tuck In Your Bed?

Cats spend most of their life on sleeping. Everyday they manage about 16-20 hours of fragmented sleep (or not), and they can sleep any where and anytime. Also, as owners, you may be visited by your kitty when you’re on your bed pretty often. So why’s that? There are 3 main reasons.

#1 They want to feel the warmth.

You might already know. Cats are attracted to warmth: they sit on your laptop, they lie under the sun, they lie flat on their back by the fireplace, etc. And guess what? You are one of the warm objects too.

#2 Cats need to feel safe to sleep.

Sleeping is when they are vulnerable, so when they come to you, they actually want to feel protected. Be proud, your cat is trusting you!

#3 They just love you.

Your kitty grows attached to you because it loves you. Although cats are not the best at showing emotions, they do have some. They express their love by giving you smooches, pawing at your face, licking you, accompanying you always, and lying on the same bed with you is another way. Your cat feel at home with your scent, so they are likely to be in places that have traces of you. Talk about obsession!

Via: Purrworld

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