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10+ Libra Memes That Are Too True And Funny To Share

When it comes to Libra, we immediately think of the perfect balance. It’s because the symbol for Libra is the scale. According to the ancient Egyptian, this glyph was also the symbol for the setting sun, which was regarded as the doorway between two worlds. The scales signify balance, order, and justice. The writer Manilius even said that Roman judges were born under the sign of Libra.

If you’re a Libra, you were born between September 23 and October 22 and your ruling planet is Venus. Libras are some of the most personable and social people in the zodiac. They are caring people who are willing to help other people. Their personality traits make them good friends and great listeners. Although their symbol is the scale, they are not always balanced as we think. However, it doesn’t overshadow just how special Libra is.

In order to help you know more about Libra and how great they are, we would like to show you some funny memes. These memes are so true that they make Libras say, “OMG Me”. Even when you are not a Libra, these memes are too funny to make you smile. Scroll down to see for yourself!

1. What gets a Libra’s heart

Image credit: Unknown

2. On apologies:

Image credit: Twitter: @itsrebeccaaduh_

3. What? Like that’s weird?

Image credit: Instagram: libras.society

4. When Libra opens up

Image credit: Unknown

5. On relationships:

Image credit: fakeasslibra / Via instagram.com

6. Someone check the bank account.

Image credit: mélanie

7. On planning:

Image credit: astrologicaltea / Via instagram.com

8. Fabulous 24/7

Image credit: Unknown

9. Mood swing hits Libra like

Image credit: Unknown

10. On drama:

Image credit: thiqqstrology / Via instagram.com

11. Best relationship for Libra

Image credit: Unknown

12. On risk-taking:

Image credit: Twitter: @poetastrologers

13. Two things that Libra hate: Group project and drama.

Image credit: Unknown

14. If you are asking Libra to decide, you’d better be patient.

Image credit: Unknown

15. Maybe if we unsee it, the problem will go away

Image credit: Unknown

16. On changing your mind:

Image credit: thatonelibrabitch / Via instagram.com

17. Is there a polite way to say f you?

Image credit: Unknown

18. Every love is the first love

Image credit: Unknown

19. Confrontation alert

Image credit: Unknown

20. Libra dealing with problems of their own and of others

Image credit: Unknown

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