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20 Memes About Pisces That Are So True That People Can’t Deny

If your birthday falls between February 19 and March 20, you are a Pisces sun. And every Pisces has one thing in common, they are very emotional. They may cry when their friends break up, cry over a sad ending movie, and even cry over a happy ending movie. Well, they just care too much about others that sometimes they even sacrifice their own happiness.

The mind of every Pisces functions in a very unique way. What they cannot get from the real world, they fill it up with daydreams and fantasy. And the thing is, they live perfectly well that way. However, it’s not that Pisces are just a bunch of crying babies, they also have many fascinating aspects of their personalities. Check them out in the memes below to know more.

#1 What’s really hurting Pisces: boredom, stability, and dullness.

Image Credit: memethezodiac

#2 Pisces being emotionally attached

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#3 Pisces being a mutable water sign

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#4 Think too much, act too little.

Image Credit: memethezodiac

#5 Too real it hurts

Image Credit: insideagemini

#6 Something to never tell a Pisces

Image Credit: spicyastrologyy

#7 Are Pisces often attracted to bad guys?

Image Credit: zodiacboyfriend

#8 If you are trying to convince Pisces into doing something, tell them they can’t. They will come out proving you wrong.

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#9 Pisces charging themselves at red flags

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#10 A little more imagination and acceptance won’t hurt, right?

Image Credit: zodiacboyfriend

#11 Emotional swings hit Pisces like

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#12 The misconception about Pisces

Image Credit: sassygyalsag

#13 When everyone is Pisces’s responsibility

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#14 You can’t control your memory, right?

Image Credit: lovinglypisces

#15 The bubbles of Pisces

Image Credit: thestars.mademedoit

#16 Work can wait, Netflix can’t

Image Credit: astrologers_cloud_club

#17 Pisces facts

Image Credit: thezodiacstea

#18 Being overly responsible backfires.

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#19 “It isn’t real if I can’t see it.”

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

#20 Pisces pet peeve

Image Credit: ourmindfullife

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