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20 Pictures That Show Women’s Experiences During Pregnancy

Being pregnant must be a great experience. Of course, it’s in our eyes as the outsiders. Pregnancy is not only about nurturing a baby in your belly, waiting to the day bringing a new life to the world. It’s a period of transition with significant physical and emotional changes.

Only pregnant women know how their daily life is during pregnancy. They go through every single day much harder than we think. Do you ever feel like a rotisserie chicken? Your legs and your feet are swollen so badly. Pregnancy brain, have you ever heard about that? Looking all over the house for a while, and then finally found your keys in the fridge. And many more things that ordinary people can’t think of.

Today, we have rounded up some actual pictures of pregnant women and their loved ones sharing something about their experiences. Let’s give them a look to know how brave moms are.

#1. My Wife Sneaking Up On Me


#2. My Pregnant Wife Is Practicing Her Swaddling. Skittles Isn’t A Fan


#3. Pregnancy Is Beautiful They Said. You’ll Glow They Said


#4. I Texted My 36 Week Pregnant Wife To Ask How She Was Feeling, This Was The Photo I Got In Response


#5. My Wife Is Pregnant And She Thought It Would Be Funny To Take A Picture Of Our Dog’s Feet Looking Like They Are Her’s


#6. Looking All Over The House For A Good While… And Freaking Out Since Already Running Late, Finally Found My Damn Keys


#7. A Gift My Husband Made For Me To Use When Strangers/Family Get Too Grabby Towards My Belly Without Asking First


#8. My 39-Week Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To “Get Stuff For Dinner”. This Is What She Came Home With


#9. My Pregnant Wife Has Been Practicing Her Swaddling Technique On The Dog


#10. Before And After


#11. My Pregnant Wife Had To Dress Up As A Superhero For Work Today


#12. My Husband Found Me Hiding In The Bathroom, Pants Down, Shoveling Cookie Dough Ice Cream In My Mouth And Hiding From Our Kids. This Is Pregnancy (29weeks)


#13. My Pregnant Wife Wanted Pancakes In The Middle Of The Night. I Delivered


#14. My Wife Is 39 Weeks Pregnant And Really Wants To See Deadpool 2


#15. Do You Ever Just Feel Like A Rotisserie Chicken?


#16. I Heard “You’re So Big!” And “You’re So Small!” Literally Within The Same Day In Pregnancy And I Was Like Wut


#17. Pregnancy Brain Is So Real. My Daughters Daycare Lady Sent Me This. I’m So Embarrassed


#18. The Next Person That Asks Me How My Pregnancy Is Going Will Just Be Shown This Picture


#19. 8 Months Pregnant And Came Out Of The Bank To Find This… (I’m The Blue Car)


#20. Technically This Conversation With My Husband Happened Yesterday, But I Swear It Feels Like I Have A Similar One With Him Everyday



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