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Raccoon Tries To Steal Food, But Then His Friend Pulls A Prank

Every now and then, there are certain things in life that are just too difficult to do alone. So it is not surprising that we all need a helping hand and a pal to team up with. However, humans aren’t the only species who have found value in partnering with each other to do something. Animals have also found value in developing teamwork and collaboration skills. That’s why we would like to show you a video of two raccoons working together, which features animal teamwork at its most adorable.

Screenshot: The Pet Collective

A bold raccoon tried to steal food from a cat. Thankfully, the cat was quite easy-going and let the raccoon eat a little bit. The hungry raccoon wanted to eat all food on the deck, but he was scared of the cat. For this reason, he just grabbed a little and ate slowly. Realizing that it was not comfortable, another raccoon came up with a special way of finding his next meal. The pesky raccoon poked his hands through the cracks of the decking and grabbed food from underneath.

Screenshot: The Pet Collective

Sadly, the cat spotted the thief and swatted his hands. Despite being spotted, the raccoon still tried to steal the food several times. Meanwhile, the raccoon who was eating right in front of the cat concentrated on the food and made out like a bandit! Many people thought that the two raccoons were teaming up with each other. One of them did camouflage and distracted the cat, while the other tried to get most of the food.

Screenshot: The Pet Collective

The cats’ owner filmed the hilarious moment on the camera and shred it on social media. Needless to say, it has gone viral and gained millions of views. You can watch the cute video here:

Everyone was crazy about the cute video and couldn’t stop leaving their comments about it. Here is the best comments:

“Raccoon doing camouflage And the other is eating, that’s how teamwork is.”

“The raccoon eating right in front of the kitty was making out like a bandit!”

“I think it was all a ploy so the raccoon could get most of the food while the cat was distracted!”

Screenshot: The Pet Collective

What a hilarious video! If you love it, please it with your friends and family members to make their day brighter! We are sure that this video will make you smile!

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