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This Forum Shares Heartrending Pics Of Pets Before And After Adoption That Prove The Power Of Animal Rescue

The sad reality of life is that there are millions of animals being born or abandoned on the streets, and unfortunately not many of them could survive. Here’s how you could help change that: rescue and adopt. Like they always say, saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal. By saving one dog or one cat in need, you have partly made our world a much better world to live in.

r/BeforeNAfterAdoption is a subReddit where people share their moving photos of their beloved furry friends before and after adoption, and their heartfelt confessions are truly something that can touch the hearts of even the coldest ones. In this post, we would like to share with you some remarkable stories that have helped us believe in humanity once again. Whether you are an animal lover or not, they will definitely warm up your heart and soothe your soul.

#1. “Our little rescue, less than 6 months after being saved.”

Image credits: mkedwall

#2. “Henry before and after foster. He was a death row kitty in Paris, Texas. Tomorrow he goes to an amazing family in New Hampshire. More info in the comments.”

Image credits: jujukamoo

#3. “His first week at home, alert while eating and completely relaxed a year later.”

Image credits: chillychinchillada

#4. “So proud of how far my sweet Appa has come in the short two months I have had him. The first picture is today. The second picture is the day I got him.”

Image credits: mickey416

#5. “Shelter pic vs. 3 months later”

Image credits: acrites4947

#6. “It’s my dog’s birthday! 2 years ago today was the day I found him (or he found me). In the first pic he was underweight, covered and ticks and fleas, and had internal parasites. Next pics are of him yesterday on our walk! 💕 His name is Meeko!”

Image credits: SmolGayBee

#7. “Shelter photo and six months later!”

Image credits: pointsofellie

#8. “Miko was found in pain limping with a shattered leg in Guam, now she is healed and excited to meet her new family!”

Image credits: BoonieFlightProject

#9. “The day we met vs 2 months later”

Image credits: squeeeezeme

#10. “Kira was founded almost dead of starvation in a farm with cows. She was healthy in one week and we kept her.”

Image credits: cyrussrty456ergtfe34

#11. “Before N After adoption! I can’t believe how far this guy has come ❤️”

Image credits: Month-Spirited

#12. “Meet Karak! We adopted him 3 years ago, and that’s how he looked then. He’s a happy dog now! 🥰”

Image credits: Any-Seesaw-3475

#13. “Meet my Norkis 🐶”

Image credits: thehowsph

#14. “4 months later, his name is Chorizo”

Image credits: petusbella

#15. “10 months later”

Image credits: petusbella

#16. “They had him, alone, in the back of a dark barn with horses. He was very dirty, scared of people and his back legs kept collapsing[…] Three months later he is super happy, and has gained 15 pounds!”

Image credits: princessJJ

#17. “From scared and sick to loved and thicc (pics taken on adoption day and 6 months later)”

Image credits: Rosebudsi

 #18. “Odie boy right after being found stray in Huston and after coming to his forever home in the pacific northwest.”

Image credits: bagel_gremlin

#19. “Fallon, from being abandoned by her stray mom and waking up from a coma to now a year old.”

Image credits: Kamijosflower

#20. “She was found starving in the wild in Alabama and immediately sent up to Pennsylvania on the SPCA rescue flights due to the extreme cold hitting the south. We got her 2 days after she arrived because my southern wife couldn’t pass on rescuing a southern dog.”

Image credits: cashmo

#21. “The day we met and present day. 11 years later.”

Image credits: minerva0309

#22. “Meet Squints! He came to me congested and crusty, and was adopted last week.”

Image credits: halfwaycrate

#23. “Aloy after 2 years with my partner and I. Her parents were left to die after their owners moved out of their house and locked them in the backyard. Sadly, the rescuers weren’t able to save her dad, but thankfully saved her mom, pregnant and very sick.”

Image credits: BionicNeko

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