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20 Cats Who Rule Their Hooman’s World In More Ways Than Just One

Cats are hard to understand. They can go from cuddly, passionate, lively to grumpy and aloof within a few seconds without any reason at all sometimes these troublemakers just know how to drive us crazy. However, these weird little critters are not meant to be changed or understood. They are exactly who they are supposed to be and all we need to do is just accepting them and loving them unconditionally.

In this post, we have compiled 20 hilarious tweets of cat owners worldwide who are having such a tough time dealing with their bossy cats, but loving it anyway. If you happen to own one or a few cats at home, we’re sure that you can totally relate. Scroll down and check them out:

#1. “This is my ‘I heard a bag crinkle so it must be time for treats’ face…”

Image credits: Lyns & Pixie ♡

#2. “Take me back to Grandpa’s! I miss my cuddles and my treats!”

Image credits: Mr.London.Meow 💙

#3. “Human trying to ‘exercise… i say No”

Image credits: ivy🧡

#4. “We need to talk.”

Image credits: BobaCatt

#5. “What do you mean we’re running low on treats?”

Image credits: jaimé

#6. “I was still in the middle of cleaning surfaces when I came across an obstacle! I of course left him to it & came back later to finish off!”

Image credits: Jax & Mitzi

#7. “Say it again. I dare you.”

Image credits: Hessel de Zoete

#8. “I don’t like tie, got it?!

Image credits: Sue

#9. “Sorry hooman did I miss hear you? You are going out tonight and I can’t stay in… but you haven’t gone out in the evening for over a year… I am bored now with this conversation and want treats.”

Image credits: Notmycat

#10. “Made up the guest room & Simba seems to think it’s for him.”

Image credits: ★ Deborah Moses

#11. “My Saturday helper/supervisor.”

Image credits: Debbie Kirton

#12. “Someone needs a copy?”

Image credits: Villa Campestri

#13. “Some people just need a high five. In da face. With a hammer.”

Image credits: Andrew

#14.”I appreciate your fancy cat bed, but I prefer diz place, thanks.”

Image credits: Philip R. Simon has come up with a new recipe

#15. “It’s the Battle for the Box today.”

Image credits: Kim Hollis

#16. “Zeus stole my chair so now I get to sit on the footrest…”

Image credits: Patricia Goodsell

#17. “Stop working hooman!”

Image credits: SherlockHolmesTheCat

 #18. “I’ve told you this before… I don’t like being shut out of the bedroom.”

Image credits: Phoebe the cat

#19. “Not into pics today.”

Image credits: LanaKane Cat

#20. “Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable? Like a Coma.”

Image credits: Sujan Sitaula

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