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This Rescue Dog Used To Be Afraid Of People, But Her New Job Changes That

Almost all dogs are born with a passion for humans, but sometimes we just let them down. It’s easy to make a dog love you, but it’s truly tough to mend their broken hearts after they are mistreated.

Instagram, heaven_is_a_dog

Heaven had quite a rocky start before Jackie Rakers met her at the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter and adopted her out. Jackie had no idea what happened to the pitiful girl, she only knew that Heaven was deeply scared of people back then. Any crowd or loud noise could easily frighten her off.

Instagram, heaven_is_a_dog

Jackie was really worried about Heaven’s situation, she just felt the urge to do something to help her fur baby open her heart again. So, the compassionate mama decided to take Heaven to a superstore, where she could gradually get used to the existence of total strangers while having a great time discovering a whole new world there.

Thankfully, her plan worked.

Instagram, heaven_is_a_dog

“The Home Depot runs started as a way to help her with her fears,” Jackie said. “She was nervous about new places and new sounds, so we’d go for five minutes and she’d get all the treats. Then we started going longer and longer and exposing her to more and more things within the store.”

Instagram, heaven_is_a_dog

Jackie’s initial intention was only to help Heaven overcome her fears, but the charming dog has gone way further than she expected – she kind of becomes a celeb at The Home Depot. She has her own picture in their break room, she is always busy stealing hearts and even wins herself an employee apron!

Instagram, heaven_is_a_dog

“I keep it in the car so we are always ready,” Jackie said. “As soon as she can tell we enter the parking lot, she just quivers until I put (the apron) on her and then takes off towards ‘work.’”

Needless to say, Heaven is quite proud of her new title. The superstore somehow becomes her favorite spot in the world and Heaven offers splendid customer service there. She is now walking around “like she owns the place”, eager to greet new guests every day. And of course, people are very fond of her too.


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It’s amazing to see how cheerful and lively Heaven is today, especially after everything that the poor dog has been through.

“She was scared of everything, but with a lot of training and patience, she learned to trust, and now it’s like she pays it forward. She finds who needs her and gives them that smile and a cuddle,” Jackie continued.

Instagram, heaven_is_a_dog

Heaven is now the happiest dog on Earth. She’s just a fascinating example of how love, affection, and kindness could change everything for the better!

If you adore this sweet girl, please share her story with your loved ones!

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