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20 Funny Big Cats Who Think Of Themselves As Cute Little Kitties

Despite a massive disparity in terms of size, location, and lifestyle, big cats and domestic cats are not as different as you might think. These giant predators have quite a lot in common with your small and seemingly harmless pet feline. In normal circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your normal-sized cat and any random big cat, they’re exactly as playful and exactly as weird.

Big cats are even also obsessed with boxes and pretend from time to time to be liquid by trying to fit in unusual spots. That’s what makes these pictures so great. Not only are the huge jungle cats in them acting very funny, but they prove beyond a doubt that there aren’t as many differences between a lion and your pet cat as you might think!

#1. He’s probably sad because that box isn’t big enough for him

#2. Sitting inside a cardboard box just like any normal cat!

#3. They also can’t resist following the red dot

#4. Getting all that Vitamin D

#5. A kitten stuck in a Lion’s body

#6. If it fits… I sit

#7. He knows how cute he is and he’s putting it on display

#8. Saying that he’s sleeping like a baby would be a huge understatement

#9. The bigger the cat, the more cuddles it needs

#10. They’re all obsessed with belly rubs

#11. That’s a house tiger, look at the collar

#12. He can’t wait to get that treat

#13. He seems to be in enjoying that car ride very much

#14. How did you even get there

#15. He will nap in your favorite spot

#16. It’s ridiculous how similar their behaviors are

#17. Somebody really enjoys foot rubs!

#18. A cat to always figure out where the toilet paper rolls are!

#19. “It’s mine! It’s all mine!”

#20. Hanging toys for the win!

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