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Trio Of Incredibly Rare White Stags Spotted Grazing On A Field In England

I do believe that all wildlife photographers, professional or amateur, desire to take once-in-a-lifetime photos. This not only satisfies their passion for photographing but also paves a way to success in their career. But this depends partly on the luck that bumps into them accidentally. The scene may get them astounded at first but they need to grasp the opportunity.

Geoff Robinson, a British amateur photographer witnessed such a miraculous scene. He spotted a trio of incredible rare white stags grazing on a field in Hertfordshire, southern England.

Seeing a white stag is somehow impossible for normal people but Geoff captured three on his camera. More importantly, they appear together in an image in the same place at the same time. The man must have won a lottery ticket!

These photos seemed to be cut out of a fairytale. It’s too good to be true!

White stags suffer from leucism, a condition that causes partial loss of pigmentation in their skin and hair. Unlike albinos, leucistic animals keep the natural color of their eyes and horns.

These stags are extremely rare in the wild. However, the unique appearance brings threat and danger for these animals. They are easily spotted by their predators, both naturals or poachers.

Do you know that this beautiful rare creature has the mythical? It has long been considered as a symbol of purity and a messenger from the other world. If you are fans of fiction, you can see white stags appearing in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by CS Lewis, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien and the Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling.

Below is a video of a whole bunch of white deer filmed on camera in Seneca County, New York in 2018

If you love these rare and magical white stags, just share this article with your family and friends. Nature is amazing!

H/T: Mail Online

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