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11-Year-Old Boy Helps Vest Hundreds Of K9 Dogs So They Could Be Protected As Human Officers

Being young and small doesn’t mean you can’t do something big. Little ones, if you need more reasons to believe in your own strength, here is an inspiring feel-good story that shows us how many beings could benefit from a child’s kind act.

Image credits: Brady’s K9 Fund

Everything started in 2018 when 8-year-old Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio watched a police show on TV and suddenly realized a police dog on the show wasn’t protected thoroughly as the human officers. Being a dog lover at heart, Brady just felt the urge to do something to help that brave little doggo.

“There was a K9 that didn’t have a vest like the officer, so I wanted to vest it,” the little boy shared.

Image credits: Brady’s K9 Fund

And then, with the help of his mother Leah Tornabene, Brady started his own project on GoFundMe to raise funds to provide bulletproof vests for K9 officers.

Such vests cost about $1,200 each and Brady’s initial goal was only to help that one K9, but he ended up vesting four.

“I started my campaign with a goal of collecting enough funds to purchase one ballistic vest for a K9 in need,” Brady recalled. “Through the support of my family, the community and a great company, Line Of Fire Defence Systems, I was able to not only donate 1, but 4 ballistic vests for K9s.”

Image credits: Brady’s K9 Fund

Back then, Brady and his mom had no idea how huge their project would become within several years. Donations started to pouring in from all over the country and more and more K9 dogs were vested.

“One turned into two, and then two turned into six,” said his mother Leah. “Then we had handlers all over the US asking for help.”

Brady also has two dogs at home and he is very fond of his furry buddies.

Image credits: Brady’s K9 Fund

After three years of countless consistent efforts, Brady and his supporters have helped over 400 K9 dogs in four countries to have the best they could ask for.

Image credits: Brady’s K9 Fund

Of course, the lucky canines aren’t the only ones who appreciate these gifts, their human partners love them too. Whitehall Police Department’s Ryan Dompier is one of the so many officers who are touched by the young boy’s goodwill.

“To have someone come to us, someone like Brady who wants to stand up and say, ‘No, it’s my turn to help you’ it puts us in a position that we are extraordinarily grateful,” he said.

Image credits: Brady’s K9 Fund

The officer also shared that he was really glad that their beloved four-legged friends finally had better protection while taking part in dangerous missions. These guys were not merely animals, they meant the world to them.

“These are our partners, they are more than a dog. They are more than even a family member, they are with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” he said.

To support Brady’s K9 Fund, keep up with them on their website and Facebook. And last but not least, don’t forget to share this delightful story with your loved ones!



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