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10+ Pet Owners Who Deserve An Award For Their Patience

#11. “She’s not a fan of the shower.”

#12. “She’s the reason we have to hide our toilet paper in a cabinet.”

#13. “Somebody help my cat!”

#14. “Cat pulled off one of the blinds… Then cuddled with it.”

#15. “My cat escaped. We found her the next day outside my son’s bedroom window.”

#16. “She’s been screaming at these water droplets for 3 minutes.”

#17. “My cat learned he could scoop up food with his cone and stole my taco when I wasn’t looking.”

#18. “Stop doing whatever you are doing and feed me, human!”

#19. “The reason I can’t have nice things…”

#20. “In the midst of a squirrel hunt”

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