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25 Hilarious Laughing Photos Of Seals To Spice Up Your Dull Day

#11 That’s too funny!

#12 “Sweeeeet Caroline…banh banh baaaaaahh!”

#13 That nose!!!

#14 “Oh Please! Stop! I can’t laugh anymore! Gonna pee!”

#15 Be looking thiccc!

#16 My best friends when I post serious stuff. Jerks 😀

#17 “Stupid penguin fell in the toilet BWHAHAHAHA…”

#18 A shy laughter

#19 wacka wacka wacka

#20 stop it or I’m gonna pee myself…)

#21 Oh my GOD, Sheila – did you make sauerkraut??

#22 Yeah right, Karen we will get right on that

#23 Darn gnat just flew up my nose!

#24 And she wants it by Wednesday????????

#25 Please, don’t thrill!

H/T: Boredpanda

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