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Cheerful And Energetic Horse “Ruins” Maternity Shoot Of His Human With Biggest Smile Ever

If you are raising cheerful and energetic animals, these will sometimes put you in half-laughing, half-crying situations. These creatures never realize that they cause trouble. They keep looking at us with innocent eyes like “I do nothing at all”. Who can resist this cuteness or stay mad at them? I know that I can’t. Just love these furry friends more than I think.

Image Credits: Photography By Kristen

This is the case of Buckshot the horse. The playful animal is allowed to attend the maternity shoot of his mother, Amanda. Buckshot is always a good boy but this time, he clears up his title himself. He “ruins” the emotional photoshoot with his biggest teeth smile ever. And this is incredibly hilarious!

Image Credits: Photography By Kristen

What did the horse do? The horse couldn’t hide his excitement for the shoot. He stood next to his dad, Phil, spotted the camera, and put the biggest smile on it. What a hysterical moment!

And, of course, the horse’s smile won the spotlight of the maternity shoot. It was captured through the lens of photographer Kristen Zaffiro. It went viral in an instant when shared on the Internet. People agree that the horse was born with an excellent sense of humor.

Image Credits: Photography By Kristen

Amanda was in the last week of her pregnancy. She wanted to run a photoshoot to save this amazing period. And her well-mannered horses deserved to get a spot on the scene. But the cheerful Buckshot made all people around laugh out loud.

Image Credits: Photography By Kristen

“This photo session… I laughed so hard! Who knew when I told THIS horse to smile, he would! Best maternity session ever,” he wrote in a now viral post!

His big teeth smile really turned her maternity photoshoot into a memorable experience. He spoiled it but did it in the cutest and sweetest ways. It’s always great to have friendly four-legged companions around you.

Image Credits: Photography By Kristen

If you are looking for something positive for these uncertain days, just give these photos a look. The energetic horse will make your day!

H/T: Majestic Animals

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