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Jet Black, Emerald Green Plumage, And Fiery Orange Face, This Captivating Tanager Shines Like A Gemstone

There are many captivating birds that are gifted with colorful suits. Multiple hues splash on their plumage, making these birds conspicuous in nature. Interestingly, these colors blend harmoniously and also create a striking contrast for their look. If you get an opportunity to catch these creatures on your lens, make sure that you grasp it.

The flame-faced tanager is one of these spectacular birds. As its name suggests, this species has a fiery orange face, making it look like a burning flame.

These birds are also known for one-of-their-kind plumage. They have enchanting emerald green chests and bellies. However, their upperparts are covered in jet black with a greenish-yellow patch on the shoulders, outer wings, rump, and tail. For this coat, this tanager is dubbed a flying gemstone.

You can watch the video of these striking birds below!

The male and the female of this species look similar although she has a slightly duller head.

Flame-faced tanagers are a member of the Thraupidae family. They distribute in parts of the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. Thanks to quite a large range, the population of this species is now stable. They are listed at Least Concern on the IUCN list.

These birds prefer living in forested areas or at the edges of forested areas, or clearings that are about 1,200-2,500 m above the ground.

Regarding the diets, this tanager feeds mainly on fruit and insects that they seek along horizontal, moss-coated branches.

There has been little information on the breeding habit of this species. They build nests in open habitats such as pastures or forest edges.

H/T: One Big Birdcage

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