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Crimson-backed Tanager Is A Natural Attention With Striking Reds And Burgundy Feathers And Shining White Beak

It’s hard to say which bird is the most beautiful in nature. Each has its own distinctive beauty. They are gifted with a one-of-their-kind coat, making them conspicuous in their colony. While some species are beautiful in multi-colored pastel plumage some shine brightly with vivid hues on their suit. Only one color can bring these birds a striking look, burgundy, for instance.

Image Credits: Instagram | @nagudelop

And, the crimson-backed tanager is worth attention for that plumage. They are covered in striking reds (flanks) and burgundy feathers (head), creating a stunning contrast with black wings and tails. For this thing, some people dub them knights of the dark!

Image Credits: Instagram | @acostaluisf

These birds also have a shining silver bill, black eyes, and legs, making them more attractive.

Image Credits: Instagram | @mandarinart_teahupoo

Comparing with males, the females are duller with blackish underparts.

Crimson-backed tanagers are members of the family Thraupidae. They are native to South, and Central America and commonly found in Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela. These birds also inhabit the islands of French Polynesia but in a small amount.

Image Credits: Instagram | @jc_wings

This species lives in flocks in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forests.

Image Credits: Doug Jansen – CC BY-SA 3.0

During the breeding season, the female builds her nest and lays two blue eggs with black dots. She then incubates them alone and feeds the hatchlings until fully-fledged.

You can watch the video of this gorgeous bird below!

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