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Meet Fire-breasted Flowerpecker, A Striking Tiny Chubby Bird With Glossy Blue Head, Bright Red Throat And Yellow Belly

We, humans, can’t get enough of the cuteness of tiny chubby birds. When these adorable creatures wear a strikingly beautiful coat, they become stars wherever they appear.

Image Credits: Instagram/_samirjobanbirds

The fire-breasted flowerpecker is one of these outstanding birds. It has glossy blue-black upper parts, a brilliantly bright red chest, and a yellowish belly with a short black stripe running down from the chest.

Image Credits: Instagram/giraffe1011

Their stunning plumage makes this species conspicuous in the world of birds. Love this chubby little bird?

Watch their video below.

Like many other bird species, female fire-breasted flowerpeckers are duller than males. They have dark olive upper parts.

Image Credits: Instagram/william6_dylan

This flowerpecker distributes along the sub-Himalaya region. It can be found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, down into Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, into the Philippines.

Image Credits: Instagram/xshutter_up

Image Credits: Instagram/t.dang_foto

This bird inhabits high up in the mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Regarding the diets, fire-breasted flowerpeckers mainly dine on nectar. But they also eat small berries, insects, and spiders.

Image Credits: Instagram/birds_alanfoto

The breeding season of this beautiful little bird starts from June to July. After finding mates, female birds build their thin purse-like nests. These nests are made from mistletoe, moss, and soft grass.

Image Credits: Instagram/frankfort917

They then lay 2-3 eggs in their nest, incubate them and feed the hatchlings until fully fledged.

Image Credits: Instagram/dr_mainakmaitra

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