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Two Baby Elephants Spotted Playfully Teasing Each Other With Their Trunks

Baby elephants are among the most adorable animals on the planet. The big innocent eyes, chubby shape, short legs, and trunk – everything of them is lovely. Their cute instinct is also what makes us, humans, fall in love with them. These young giants keep acting like kids- cheerful and energetic. They enjoy the cuddles and attention of people around them and of course, love playing around with their friends. They can always find simple yet true happiness in their life. Fun and laugh.

That’s why hilarious videos of baby elephants often go viral in an instant. People can’t get enough of their born cuteness and funny gestures. Who can’t resist?

Two adorable calves in this story are an example. The buddies decided to stop in the middle of their journey and play around with each other a bit.

The cheeky pair keeps playfully hitting each other over the head with their trunks. They get excited at teasing their friend and swinging their trunks around. Kids are masters of making fun with the simplest and most boring things. By doing so, they can their day and spice up the day of people around them.

These adorable moments were filmed on camera by Prathom, a wildlife enthusiast. It was taken at a national park in the Kanchanaburi province of western Thailand where the two and others of their 50-member herd were living. When the video was shared, it won the Internet.

“The baby elephants are so friendly and cute. It makes me so happy to see them enjoying life in their natural environment.” Prathom said.

The elephant calves are so lovely. They look like energetic kids who are playing with their friends. It is the happiest time of the day, so they just enjoy it the best they can.

Let’s share this adorable video with your family and friends!

H/T: Kingdomstv

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