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Vivid Yellow Belly With Grey Streaks Around Neck And Grey Back, This Warbler Is A Shining Flying Ball In Nature

There are many stunning warblers in nature. These tiny fluffy creatures are gifted striking coats, making them conspicuous in their colony. Multiple hues splash on their plumage but they blend harmoniously and beautifully. Sometimes, even two colors can make an artwork.

Image Credits: Instagram/ksaynwit

The Canada warbler is among these spectacular birds. It wears a one-of-its-kind vest of silver grey. Meanwhile, the breast, throat, and belly are covered in vivid yellow. Such a beautiful contrast!

Image Credits: Instagram/claudegarandphotography

Just look! These adorable fluffy creatures wear a delicate black opal-like necklace. It’s actually small black flecks dangling from its neck. For this prominent feature, they are sometimes called “necklaced warbler”.

Image Credits: Instagram/diomedea_exulans_li

You can watch the video of these warblers below!

The female and the male of this species look similar. However, the male has a darker necklace and longer tail than the female. Young birds have faint grey necklaces.

Image Credits: William H. Majoros / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Canada warbler is a small boreal songbird of the New World warbler Parulidae family. As migrants, these birds choose to live in Canada and the northeastern United States during the summer and fly to northern South America when the winter comes.

Image Credits: Instagram/bird_nerd_canada

These birds prefer living in thickets where they dine mainly on insects sought from vegetation or on the ground.

Image Credits: Instagram/edithdubreuil_

When the breeding season begins, approximately 2/3 population of this warbler inhabits in boreal forests. The female builds her nest out of root masses, hummocks, stumps, banks, mossy logs, and sometimes leaf litter. This nest is laid very close to dense ground cover. She then lays 5 eggs in her nest and incubates them for 12 days. The female continues to feed her hatchlings until fully-fledged, around 10 days. Noticeably, the male joins his mate in this process.

Image Credits:Instagram/dotcalm50

H/T: One Big Birdcage

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