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Stunning Pastel-Colored Plumage On Tiny Fluffy Body, This Bird Seems To Jump Out From Fairy Books

Have you ever seen birds that seem to jump out from fairy books? They are incredibly beautiful. These flying creatures have one-of-their-kind plumage, making a name for themselves in the world of birds. Sometimes, we, humans, find it quite hard to describe their feathers. It’s too perfect to be true. That’s why there are many people that have endless love for watching and capturing birds.

The lilac-breasted roller is among these exquisite birds. It is stunningly covered in pastel colors, ranging from purple to blue to brown. These shades change on parts of the body, light blue on the belly and darker on the wing edges, for instance. It is dubbed flying gemstones of nature.

The male and female of this species look quite similar. Both have creamy white faces with dark lines on the eyes.

Along with the striking coat, these beautiful spring birds are known for their harsh and raspy call that is often repeated. It is so funny to hear this “rude” call coming out from the mouths of these elegant birds. They don’t match at all, right?

You can hear their call below!

Lilac-breasted rollers are endemic to the African and Arabian Peninsula. They are the national bird of Kenya and Botswana.

Some people think that these birds are migrants as they appear in different regions across the seasons. But the fact is they just move around to seek enough food.

One more interesting thing about these colorful spring birds is that they are carnivorous. They feed on a variety of smaller prey such as lizards, snails, amphibians, insects and even small birds.

This species prefers living in groups of 1-3. When the winter comes, it forms bigger flocks as small families tend to fly together.

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H/T: Kingdomstv

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