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Mother Lion Caught On Camera Climbing Down The Cliff To Save Her Trapped Son

Nothing is happiest and luckiest than having mothers. No species (humans and animals) could deny this. Mothers are the only people who love their children unconditionally and are ready to risk their lives to protect them. Wild baby animals truly feel what mothers mean to them. They can’t survive in the wild without their mother’s love and care. Motherhood is indispensable to them.

This is the case of the lion cub and mother lion in this story. The poor little lion was trapped on the cliff because of slipping, crying out for the rescue, and shaking with fear.

Hearing the frightening cries of her son, the mother lion immediately came for help. Her son’s life hung by a thread.

The lioness even asked a group of females and a male for help. They arrived at the edge of the cliff and attempted to save the cub by clambering down together. However, they soon “abort” the mission as it was too dangerous. It was life-threatening.

However, the mother lioness didn’t give up any hope of rescuing her son. She was ready to exchange her life for the safeness of her kid. She did the mission on her own.

She looked over the edge, climbed down, and inched her way down towards her son. She slowly and carefully used her powerful claws to grip the ever-crumbling cliff side.

Luckily, the big momma cat successfully approached her cub and picked him up with her jaws. Their way back was more challenging. If there was one little slip, there could be the sheer drop. Both would end up falling.

The mother lion and her cub were finally safe. The mama immediately gave her frightened son a consoling lick and a sort of hug. It is ok, baby. You are safe now.

The heart-breaking race to save a life for the lion cub was captured on camera. It soon becomes an Internet sensation. The love of moms is the most beautiful and powerful on this planet.

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H/T: Kingdomstv

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