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Striking White Plumage On A Tiny Chubby Body, The Long-tailed Tits Looks Like A Flying Cotton Ball In Nature

A bird that makes you think of a cotton ball and a cotton candy? The long-tailed tit is definitely worth adding to this list. First, this adorable fluffy creature has beautiful clean white plumage. The other reason is that it is so tiny, measuring about 13 to 15cm long with half of that is the tail. Just imagine what this bird looks like when flying! A flying cotton ball with wings, right?

Noticeably, this species has black eyebrows that turn into white when it’s grown up. The round black eyes also make it more adorable and conspicuous in their community. We do believe that no one can resist their born cuteness. This is love at first sight!

Let’s watch the video of this bird below!

Thanks to the fully white face and belly, long-tailed tits can easily camouflage in the snow in long winters. They look similar to mini snowmen, right?

These adorable flying cotton balls also come by the name Shima enaga. They are endemic to the Hokkaido island, the second largest island in Japan. They live in flocks of around 20-30 and are known for cool acrobatic tricks as they flutter around.

During the breeding season, female birds build their nests, lay 7-10 eggs, and incubate them. They continue to feed the hatchings with the support of their mates until they are fully- fledged.

In fact, the long-tailed tit distributes from Western Europe across Russia all the way to Japan. But the Hokkaido’s birds are probably the most unique versions that you could see. Just too cute to be true.

If you love these lovely tiny fluffy birds, just share the article with your family and friends. They will burst out “wow” at these flying cotton candies!

H/T: Kingdomstv

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