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Abandoned Baby Elephant Couldn’t Be Happier To Live With Its Rescuer Woman, Following Her Everywhere

Baby elephants are the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are smart and affectionate even when they grow up into giants. Their eyes are so innocent and their soul is so pure. They deserve to live a happy life with their community. However, some are left abandoned by their herd, forcing them to fight for their survival on their own. It is a harsh task as they have to face threats from both nature and humans – predators and poachers.

Moyo the cute and playful elephant calf in this story is a lucky one. The orphan was just rescued in time when a pack of hyenas was approaching her.

The poor little thing was just a few days old when she was found almost drowned trying to cross a flooded river. Luckily, she was dragged out of it safely and taken to the Wild is Life sanctuary in Zimbabwe where she would receive proper care and treatment.

Moyo was in a critical condition at that time. The rescue team said that her chances of survival were very low. However, the baby elephant made an incredible recovery and transformation. She grew healthier and stronger day by day thanks to the true love and care of the staff.

The brave little girl also found her human mom, Roxy Danckwerts, the founder of the sanctuary. The kind-hearted woman has worked at the orphanage for nearly 20 years and has helped countless wild animals.

Danckwerts gave the poor baby elephant a loving family that she deserved to have. And of course, Moyo couldn’t be happier to live with her mama.

You can watch the video of the lovely elephant below.

Now she is 14 months old and growing up into a cheerful girl. She can’t stop following her mother everywhere, from cooking in the kitchen to lying down on the sofa. She loves spending time with her human and never gets bored with it.
”She knows my voice, my smell and somehow knows where I am at all times,” said Danckwerts. “How, I have no idea!”

A special bond of friendship, trust, and love blossoms between a warmed-hearted woman and an adorable orphaned baby elephant. Love is love. It has no barrier and can beat all the odds in this world. When it comes at the right time, it can save one’s life.

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