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Toronto Zoo Welcomes Three Endangered Amur Tiger Cubs

Amur tigers have been considered an endangered species. Their population has dramatically fallen due to habitat loss and illegal hunting. There are now fewer than 500 of the animals to be found in the wild. That’s why many wildlife protection organizations and zoos have cooperated to conserve and protect this species.

The Toronto zoo is an active participant in that program. Recently, they have got an event that is worth celebrating. On April 30, Mazyria, an Amur mom tiger gives birth to three cubs after 104 days of pregnancy.

Mazyria was once a mother of a trio in 2013. This is her second delivery and luckily, both mom and babies are healthy. To ensure that the family bond without being disturbed, the zoo’s staff monitor them through remote cameras.

You can watch the video of the cubs below.

The newborns will have their first checkup after six to eight weeks if everything goes well.

Their arrival plays an important part in promoting the population of Amur tigers.

H/T: Kingdomstv

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