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Meet Willy Wagtail, An Adorable Tiny Chubby Bird With White Eyebrows And Glossy Black Coat

There are so many stunningly beautiful birds in nature. They has one-of-their-kind plumage, making them stand at the center of attention wherever they appear. What happens when these striking coats are put on tiny chubby bodies? These birds look like flying ball and gemstones. They are too perfect to be true. And we, humans find it hard to resist adorable little things. When these creatures come, they immediately grasp our eyes and win our heart.

The Willy Wagtail is one of these cute tiny chubby birds. It is unmistakable, too. As you can see, this species has white eyebrows that are so rare among birds. This feature makes it so funny, and of course, conspicuous in their colony.

Additionally, its plumage is an interesting contrast. The back, wings and tail are covered with glossy back while the belly (lowerparts) is bright white. These two basic colors give this bird a unique look.

Willy wagtails are quite friendly with humans but extremely territorial with other birds.

They are commonly found in urban areas in Australia and Southeastern Asia and feed mainly on insects.

If you have an opportunity to see these super cute birds in real life, make sure that you grasp it.

You can watch its life cycle below!

H/T: One Big Birdcage

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