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Voeltzkow’s Chameleon Was Rediscovered In Madagascar After A Century Of Extinction

The Voeltzkow’s chameleon is among the most colorful animals on the planet. They were last spotted in Madagascar 100 years ago, making them an almost extinct species.

Luckily, this elusive chameleon species was rediscovered by researchers during an expedition to the northwest of Madagascar last year. According to scientists from Germany’s Bavarian Natural History Collections of Zoologische Staatssammlung München (ZSM), this chameleon is related to Labord’s chameleon.

“I thought we might have a good chance of rediscovering Voeltzkow’s chameleon, but I was surprised that it took so long and that it was so difficult,” Frank Glaw, the lead author and expedition leader from ZSM said.

There might be some explanation for the thing that why this chameleon hasn’t been rediscovered all these years. Their life spans are short and they live in remote environments. Their habitat has been threatened due to deforestation.

Voeltzkow’s chameleons live in just a few months. Both males and females of this reptile only live during the rainy season. Here is their life cycle: hatch from eggs, grow rapidly, fight with rivals to find mates, and ends their life.

So far, there is no document about the female of this species. She displays the most colorful patterns when stressed, pregnant, and encounters with males.

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