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Adorable Footage Of Baby Elephant Taking Bath For The First Time

If you ask me which animal is the cutest on the planet, my answer is baby elephants. For sure. Many people think of adorable puppies and kittens but these calves keep coming out my mind. These babies are far bigger than pets. But the point is they exactly have a puppy soul and keep it even when they grow up into giants. These creatures are cute, smart and affectionate. They love being cuddled and patted and listening to the lullaby.

Baby elephants love bathing. They love immersing themselves in water and mud. These are the most joyful experiences for these cuties. And below is adorable footage of a baby elephant taking bath for the first time in her life. The video went viral in an instant as people can’t get enough of the cuteness of the kid.

These loving moments were filmed and shared by Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This organization aims to saved and protect elephants.

You can watch the video below!

As you can see in the video, the calf is instructed to get her first bath by her mother. She is embarrassed at first but successfully steps into her “pool” and enjoys her bathing.

The elephant mom keeps standing next to her baby girl, watches over every move of her, and helps her when she needs it. It is quite easy and the little girl gets it. She even gets out of her pool and comes back a few times. She is in a playful mood, with water and her mom. Is there anything better?

If you are looking for something positive for these uncertain days, just give this video a look. The born cuteness of baby animals can always bring you much-needed smiles and laughs.

H/T: Dailybbnews

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