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Extremely Rare White Kangaroo Born At Australian Wildlife Sanctuary

An extremely cute little joey just caught everyone’s eyes on the internet with its uniqueness. The baby kangaroo was born completely white, due to a rare condition that may occur in one individual out of 100,000. However, in this particularly situation it was something expected since the little kangaroo’s dad is also white.


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The sweet joey was born at the Panorama Gardens – a wildlife sanctuary on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Her mom – Cindy is an eastern grey kangaroo, while her dad Marloo is an albino kangaroo.

The sanctuary owner, Annemaree Van Rooy said the baby kangaroo doesn’t have a name. yet and she’ll continue to live inside her mom’s pouch for the next months. “The joey hasn’t been named yet as it only popped its head out a couple of weeks ago,” she said. “She’ll be popping out hopefully in the next month for short periods of time and it will gradually get longer and longer.”

Even unusual, yet a fascinating sight, the white joey isn’t by far the only albino resident of the 55-acre sanctuary. The Panorama Gardens is home to several white kangaroos with the first so beautiful creatures, born eight years ago. The sanctuary also hosts a magnificent white peacock, named Alexander.

While at the Panorama Gardens sanctuary, these unique creatures are all safe, for an albino animal born in the wild things are more than complicated. Albino animals are frequently rejected by their groups and they’re also extremely vulnerable in front of predators. Finding food could also be a big challenge for albino animals as this rare condition causes poor eyesight.

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