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Meet The White-Browed Tit-Warbler, The Bird With A Beautiful Rainbow Coloring (Gallery)

I think we can all agree that there are some pretty spectacular birds out there, with stunning plumage and eye-catching colors, it’s hard to believe some are even real!

That is exactly the case when it comes to this bird, even the name sounds made up, but I assure you it is definitely real.

So without further ado, meet the wonderful and spectacular white-browed tit-warbler.

White-browed Tit-Warbler - David Irving

Meet The White-Browed Tit-Warbler, The Bird With A Beautiful Rainbow Coloring

They can be found in boreal forests and in high altitude regions of Asia, such as the Himalayas. They are known to be foragers, mainly snacking on insects found under roots and rocks.

These unique creatures tend to have purply-blue bodies, with a contrasting brown top and a pale-colored brow, hence the name.

They are tiny, weighing between 6-8g and stretching around 8.5-10cm long.

The males are vibrantly colored with distinctive blue underparts. Both males and females have a light brown eyebrow/crown.

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Females are generally a duller color, and can be distinguished by their pale underparts, whereas the males have violet-blue underparts and chest, their tail is relatively long.

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Their diet consists mainly of small insects and spiders, these are caught mainly on the ground.

As they are vigorous foragers they search under roots and rocks for insects although some may be taken in the air. The diet is supplemented by a small number of seeds and berries in the colder months.

Source: Kingdomstv

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