A Tiny Golden Lion Tamarin Born At Bristol Zoo

Golden lion tamarin is an endangered species due to the loss of Atlantic forest habitat. There are only 3,000 surviving in the wild. That’s why the arrival of any newborn golden lion tamarin is worth celebrating.

A golden lion Tamarin

Recently, the Bristol Zoo welcomed the birth of a golden lion tamarin. The newborn creature is so tiny. It is just four inches long from head to tail.

Photo credits: Mercury Press

This monkey is cheeky. It was captured nuzzling into its parents and smiling with them.

“The adorable but endangered baby golden lion tamarin was outside riding on its parents’ backs,” Photographer, a regular zoo visitor said.

A golden lion Tamarin

Are you curious about how these monkeys got the name “golden lion tamarin”? It refers to their miniature lion-like manes. Just take a closer look at these pics and you can see this.

Currently, Bristol Zoo has five golden lion tamarins, including parents of the newborn tamarin, Missy and dad Dourado.

Regarding the sex of the baby tamarin, the zoo representative said that it will take 6 months to carry out a health check for it.

The baby tamarin spends the whole day with its dad. It just comes back to mom for feeds.

Shani Ratnayake, large mammals’ senior keeper, said: “It’s normal for tamarin dads to take an active part in looking after youngsters, but Dourado is doing a lot more than usual.”

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